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Anal Beads

The Naughty Bits Butt Balls Silicone Booty Beads is made for all your anal needs with a plush silicone, tapered beads, and easy retrieval loop. The petite plug has a sturdy o-shaped retrieval loop for comfortable insertion, thrilling stimulation, and safe, gentle removal. Perfect for beginners and e..
Ex Tax:£28.99
Five small sized booty beads on a string ready to be poked in and popped back out again one at a titillating time.Colours will vary..
Ex Tax:£8.99
Unlock the key to backdoor pleasure with these heart-shaped silicone beads that graduate in size so that you can find the girth that works for you! The flexible shaft moves with your body and the heart-shaped handle cradle your fingers as you ease the beads in with plenty of lubricants. Enjoy all th..
Ex Tax:£16.99
One continuous string of deep purple jelly, they're the perfect anal love toy...
Ex Tax:£2.99
The Bottom Beads is a great quality anal chain from the Anal Play range by TOYJOY Classics. The flexible design is body safe and made of premium, soft-touch silicone. This anal chain offers thrilling stimulation with 6 anal beads and comes with a heart-shaped easy retrieval loop for extra comfort. I..
Ex Tax:£9.99
These anal balls from The Red are made of Silicone with a total length of 46.5cm.The accessory is composed of 4 balls of 5cm in diameter with an interval between each of 5.5cm.The silicone material is pleasant to use for intense sensations...
Ex Tax:£60.99
These anal beads are made up of 4 red anal balls 2cm in diameter. Ideal for naughty moments and foreplay.The insertable length is 20cm.Each ball is 2cm apart.With a terminal ring for better use.Soft silicone material, soft and smooth surface..
Ex Tax:£22.99
These red anal balls are offered by The Red brand. They make the naughty moment even more pleasant and exciting.This anal rosary is made up of 4 balls of 3cm in diameter. Distance between balls of 3cmThe insertion length of 31cm with a terminal ring for easier use.Made of silicone..
Ex Tax:£37.99
This accessory from The Red brand is composed of 4 silicone anal balls 4cm in diameter.Each ball is 4.5cm apart for a progressive and pleasant insertion. The total length is 40.5cm with a terminal ring for easier use.The silicone material is soft..
Ex Tax:£43.99
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