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Genuin leather 3 tongue whip with metal strip inside, 40cm long...
Ex Tax:£30.99
Genuine leather hand measures 15 x 4.5 x 1.7 Inches...
Ex Tax:£41.99
Genuine leather paddle, Handle 8 x 1 Inches, Paddle 12 x 4.5 Inches...
Ex Tax:£48.99
Genuine leather paddle with 4 long flexible forks...
Ex Tax:£42.99
Genuine leather paddle with thin nail spikes...
Ex Tax:£46.99
Genuine leather paddle, Handle 1.5 Inches x 5.5 Inches, Paddle 2.3 Inches x 12 Inches...
Ex Tax:£55.99
Genuine leather paddle, Handle 3.5 x 1.5 Inches, Paddle 12 x 3 Inches...
Ex Tax:£39.99
When you want to be strict, yet highly fashionable at the same time, this paddle should be your tool of choice! In any sophisticated BDSM play the OUCH! paddle will stand out with its diamond pattern design. Made from vinyl and faux-leather this correction master stands 31.5 cm, 12.2inches tall and ..
Ex Tax:£10.99
The black leather spanking paddle can also be used as a harness. This two-layered paddle amplifies louder cracking sound on impact...
Ex Tax:£34.99
Leather folded paddle with rivets on the handle. 17 Inches Total Length..
Ex Tax:£32.99
Double sided leather spanking paddle. 13" long and 3" wide...
Ex Tax:£30.00
Double sided leather spanking paddle. 13" long and 3" wide...
Ex Tax:£30.00
Double sided leather spanking paddle. 13" long and 3" wide...
Ex Tax:£30.00
Three flapping leather paddles with rivets on the handle. 15 Inches Total Length..
Ex Tax:£32.99
This is a genuine leather oval shaped punishment paddle with rivet decorated handle, and measures 6 x 2 inch handle and 8 x 5.5 paddle body, for administering full backside punishment when your slave misbehaves! Sensual slave spanking!..
Ex Tax:£53.99
Want to be sweet yet sassy? The Enchanted Heart Paddle has two sides, one vegan burgundy fur and the other a flat velvety feel for whatever mood you may be in.Start by tickling and stroking with the sweet vegan fur then leave a sassy sting with the flat soft side.Product Specifications:10.25-inch pa..
Ex Tax:£21.99
Give your partner a hard spanking with this wooden paddle. Firmer and sharper than leather paddles, this wooden paddle offers a harder hit that leaves the bottom stinging, enhancing their pleasure.The smooth finish of the paddle surface provides a firm, spank with every whack and also leaves behind ..
Ex Tax:£24.99
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