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Get ready for night after night of submissive fun with this range of bondage restraints and ties. Restraining your lover gives you full control of there bodies. Do as you please with full body restraints, tease and play with your lover until they can't take any more, then with wriggling legs at a minimum keep going! A brilliant addition to any bedroom bondage ropes, bondage tape, leg spreaders and restraints are a great for beginners and experienced bondage lovers. Add vibrator's and dildo's for the ultimate tease.

Cock Ring With Sliding Anal Plug
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Brand: Master Series Our Code: AC557
This impressive piece has it all. Start with the sliding anal ball that can be positioned to accommodate the body shape of any man. Next enjoy the steel cock ring that keeps a firm grip on your package. For those of you who like even more restriction, bend your shaft back and place the head through ..
Ex Tax:£99.99
SportSheets Sex Sling
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Brand: Sportsheets Our Code: ss12001
Sex Sling Assume the positions. Adjustable straps, reduces leg fatigue, enables maximum penetration, enhances G-Spot stimulation. Instructions included...
Ex Tax:£33.99
SportSheets Tethers
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Brand: Sportsheets Our Code: ss50001
These tethers are designed to be used with the Sports Cuffs to extend the number of places you can tie your loved one to. Simple idea well executed fab. Fastens around anything from bedposts to chair legs...
Ex Tax:£21.99
SportSheets Sports Cuffs
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Brand: Sportsheets Our Code: ss40001
Sports Cuffs are made of durable materials, comfortable neoprene backing and easy-on easy-off velcro closures. Soft and Adjustable...
Ex Tax:£23.99
Bondage Tape Black
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Brand: Bondage Tape Our Code: NS0206
Bondage Tape is 2 inches wide, it bonds, it gags, it blindfolds, and it even mummifies and ties using its unique self cling properties. If you have a fetish for bondage and are thinking about taking your first steps then Bondage Tape is the ideal first step towards exploring the bondage scene. Bind ..
Ex Tax:£5.99
SportSheets 5 Piece Hog Tie And Cuff Set
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HALF Price
Brand: Sportsheets Our Code: ss32501
The classic bondage position, quick and easy way to secure your partner. HogTie Oring base compatible with most restraint cuffs. Includes One HogTie steel Oring with 4 attachment points 4 wrist and Ankle cuffs with metal clips...
Ex Tax:£36.99
Ouch Adonis High Halter Harness
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Out Of Stock
Brand: Shots Toys Our Code: OU255BLK
This beautiful harness will make you look the part for when it really matters! With 4 bonded leather straps connected at the front as well as at the back by 2 big o-rings, this harness is a feast for the eyes! The well-crafted rivets on the high quality bonded leather straps give the finis..
Ex Tax:£25.99
Studded Spiked Breast Binder With Nipple Holes
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HALF Price
Brand: XR Brands Our Code: AC324
Combine beauty and pain with the Strict Leather Studded Spiked Breast Binder. This sturdy leather strap encircles the bust, with two studded leather disks placed directly over the breasts. The tiny spikes on the reverse side make for a biting reminder of who is in control. There are thoughtful cutou..
Ex Tax:£79.99
Neck And Wrist Restraint Set
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HALF Price
Out Of Stock
Brand: You2Toys Our Code: 525090
Combined neck and hand cuffs set. Softly padded and individually adjustable thanks to Velro fasteners. Made of tearproof synthetic fibre...
Ex Tax:£22.99
Black Metal Sex Extra Cuffs And Love Rope
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Out Of Stock
Brand: NMC Ltd Our Code: FNF050A000-010
Set of Quick Release Metal Cuffs with 2 Deluxe Keys and 3 Metre Sex Extra Love Rope. Soft and Smooth touch cotton rope is perfect for making your own restraints or a little shibari kinbaku! This woven rope is safe for wrist, ankle and body restraints...
Ex Tax:£14.99
SportSheets Kinky Pinky Cuffs
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HALF Price
Brand: Sportsheets Our Code: ss93010
Fluffy handcuffs have had their day. Enter Kinky Pinky. Another fab product from Sportsheets, these soft cuffs are fun, frivolous and extemely well priced...
Ex Tax:£6.99
Soft Bondage Kit
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HALF Price
Brand: You2Toys Our Code: 525278
This excellent bondage set contains two pairs of wrist and ankle cuffs, together with webbing straps to tie to bed or other object.The cuffs are made from non-tearable synthetic polyamide with adjustable velcro fastenings. Softly padded, the restraints..
Ex Tax:£26.99
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